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Our Vision 

To ensure that all the children and young people in our care have the opportunity to fulfil their potential through achieving highly, regardless of their ability or background.


At The de Ferrers Trust we promote our values of work hard, be kind and choose wisely in all that we do. 

Learning to Love Learning!

Lansdowne Infants is a successful school.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing all pupils with a quality education which develops the whole child.  Our school is a happy, stimulating environment with a nurturing ethos.  Our children tell us they love to learn here!

We strive to inspire all learners to go beyond what they consider possible for themselves, to experience and try new things and to realise all aspects of their potential. There are no glass ceilings put on any of our learners; we wish to ignite a passion for learning and for life that will remain with them as they move on to their next phase of their learning journey.

Employer of Choice

We strive to be your ‘Employer of Choice’ and are totally committed to the ongoing support of our colleagues. We have an excellent benefits package including:

  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Pension (LGPS or TPS)
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Childcare Voucher Scheme (existing users only)
  • Health Cash Plan Scheme
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Taste Card
  • Counselling services through 'Think Well'


The Trust believes that professional development is key to successful engagement and retention offering excellent opportunities for colleagues to grow and achieve.  We have a close and developing relationship with Ambition Institute, among other partners, and we have a variety of opportunities to enable career progression.

Safer Recruitment

The de Ferrers Trust is committed to providing the highest level of education and care to its students and to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. 

The de Ferrers Trust recognises that the safe recruitment of its staff in the trust is essential to safeguard the children in attendance. It is our duty to prevent unsuitable people from working with children - ensuring we practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children.

Safer practice in recruitment means thinking about and including issues relating to child protection and safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children at every stage of the process and for all people being recruited.  For all posts enquiries will be made with previous employers about whether a safeguarding concern has been raised against you.

All schools must appoint staff in accordance with employment law. 

See our Safer Recruitment Policy below for further details.

Contact us

Applicants for positions are welcome to visit the Academy by contacting the Academy office on the contact details below.

01283 247 910

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Making a Difference

Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
and are supporting Mental Health Awareness week. Ask your child all about it.
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Last half term Fletcher class were very busy learning all about Alice in Wonderland. We created our own magnificent garden to match the Queen of Heart’s garden! We designed our project and then worked in teams to create different parts of the garden! We think it is fabulous!
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Reception had a very messy visitor last night. This morning we found lots of different clues. We think it was a fire breathing dragon who left her egg behind. 🥚 🐉 I wonder if she’ll be back to visit us.
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
This week we have celebrated our Mummies! We have really enjoyed having parents back in school enjoying tea and cakes! It was lovely 💞
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
We joined in the fund raising for Red Nose Day by having a Crazy hair day. Don’t we look great?
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
The chemistry laboratory was all set on Monday to welcome our inquisitive little scientists. We explored different chemical reactions👩‍🔬🧪
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
We have a new website! Check it out 😊 The new website for Lansdowne Infants has launched today, please check out the link below: Look out for Eton Park's new website due to launch next week too!
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
We made aeroplanes and helicopters and found out about air resistance and gravity. We looked at images and books about planets and ordered the planets. We talked about friction, explored this by testing cars on ramps with different surfaces to see what helps cars travel faster
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Year 1 were studying physics in their science investigation - flight, gravity and air resistance in practise. Viscosity- the runniness of substances- we made oobleck (cornflour slime) which can exist as a solid and liquid. We explored floating and sinking- buoyancy.
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
We used magnifying glasses to look at our own fingerprints and we printed them on paper using ink, paint, or chalk and sellotape. After that we identified which type of fingerprint we have - arch, loop or whorl. We now know we did the crime! Mrs Sleigh 🧐
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Year 2 science investigation. We had to solve the mystery case of who ate all the sweets! We set up a crime scene and discussed how we would solve the case, we pretended to be police detectives. We learnt about fingerprints, how they are unique and significant for solving crime.
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
WOW! Look how much learning year 1 have done since the start of the school year 😊
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Can you guess what Reception are learning about now?
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
How busy were we last half term! We really have been busy
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
World book day 2022! We kept it simple with our pjs and teddies! We are enjoying lots of different “bedtime stories”
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Thank you and for today’s world book day visit! Burton Albion join us to read with some of our year 2s as we all know reading is important! These children received a book and a voucher to buy another! We are grateful 😊
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Did you keep your eyes peeled? What a fantastic offer for all the Trust staff,pupils and parents! Why not take advantage?!
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
Exciting! Keep your eyes peeled 👀👀
Twitter / @LansdowneInfant
What a great week we have had for children’s mental health week! We are learning about how important our mental health is and have enjoyed “expressing ourselves”
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