Class Dojo

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At Lansdowne, we use Class Dojo as a school communication platform.

Teachers, students and families can access this in school and at home. Teachers are able to share what is being learnt in school through photos, videos and messages. 

Parents are also able to contact staff in school through the app. 

We also reward students with Dojo points which can be seen by parents via the app.


"ClassDojo's Mission

To bring communities together, and give their kids learning experiences they love.

We think every kid on Earth should get an education they love.

We don’t believe there is some “ideal” education, a one-size-fits-all model that all kids must fit. Instead, we believe every community of teachers, kids and families should be able to get the learning experiences that they want and love. And we believe the way to do that is from the ground up.

This is ClassDojo’s plan: we listen to teachers, kids and families. We help them work together as a community. And we help them bring the world’s best learning experiences into their classrooms and homes."

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